Airbus Cautiously Eyeing Sales to Iran

European aircraft maker Airbus SAS expressed interest Wednesday in the possibility of providing planes to Iran but stressed that it respects the international embargo that prevents such sales.

Airbus spokeswoman Barbara Kracht said the company was not consulted by governments as part of the drafting of proposals meant to defuse the international crisis over Iran's nuclear program.

Among other proposals, world powers are dangling the prospect of lifting the embargo if Iran comes to the negotiating table, which would enable it to replenish its aging civilian fleet of aircraft not only with Boeing Co. (BA) parts but also with new aircraft, a diplomat said.

Asked if Airbus would have any reason not to sell to Iran if the embargo was lifted, Kracht said: "Boeing and us, our job is to sell planes to any potential customers."

But she also stressed that she could not speculate on the outcome of any negotiations between world powers and Iran.

"So far there was an embargo and we respect international embargoes," Kracht said.

"Until there is no final decision at the levels that decide on these things, I can't say any more," she added.

The Dutch company European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. is the majority owner of Airbus.