Claims of spying and bribery, aimed at an Iraqi Governing Council member. And now — an emergency meeting, about the raid of his home. What's the real story behind Ahmad Chalabi?

Ahmad Chalabi: Spy or ally?

I believe Mr. Chalabi is a spy, a self-serving one and we should bring him back to the U.S.A. and try him. I believe he's knee deep in the U.N. oil-for-food scandal and I also believe Mr. Chalabi is responsible for a lot of the trouble coalition forces have run into the closer we've gotten to turning over Iraq to an Iraqi government who does not like Mr. Chalabi. 

I have no idea whether this man is friend or spy. But war is never fair. It is unfortunate that the news media plaster this type of information all over the world, prompting the public to decide such issues without the necessary information to make such a judgment.

Mr. Chalabi is well known in Europe as a money and greed oriented convicted criminal. He has never done anything without getting paid. Hard to believe the Bush administration didn't know that.

This man is making a power play for Iraq. He IS NOT an ally. His hands are in too many cookie jars!
Stephanie M.
Queensbury, N.Y.

Chalabi is a criminal like the rest. My question is — Will Chalabi be put on trial by the Iraqis as quick and public as we have our soldiers for the prison fiasco turned circus? We will soon see if the double standard is still in place like I'm sure it is.
Dave B.
Orlando, Fla.

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