Ah-nold, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson

Ah-nold, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson in the glittering star of the Foxlight.

Collateral Damage may have opened at No. 1 this weekend, but anything under $20 million isn't exactly a blockbuster for Arnold. His last one The Sixth Day opened about where Collateral Damage is and went on to do very little box office damage — about $35 million. On the seventh day some rest, Arnold. Maybe they'll be calling you an in-action hero. Hurry up with T-3.

Meanwhile, can Kevin Costner ever jumpstart his fading star? Journalists who saw a screening of Dragonfly this weekend were, for the most part, underwhelmed. A warmed-over remake of Ghost said one New York critic — and not nearly as good. Looks like the wolves he'll soon be dancing with are reviewers.

Finally, Mel Gibson confirmed to the Foxlight this weekend that yes, he has bought one of Fox News ratings king Bill O'Reilly's books. And yes, it will be a movie. It's not one of his advice tomes — this one is a pulpy work of fiction about the news business. But no, Gibson won't play O'Reilly because there isn't really a Bill type character. And Gibson says O'Reilly is actually a nice guy in person. Now that sounds like the kind of spin O'Reilly detests, but status quo for Hollywood.