Agencies Watch for 'Lone Wolf' Terror Scenarios Leading Up to Mideast Talks

There are no specific terror threats to next week's Mideast peace conference scheduled in Annapolis, Md., although authorities will be keeping an eye out for "lone-wolf" terrorists who might act outside of what observers are predicting.

The threat assessment — an unclassified version of which was obtained by FOX News — was done by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI in advance of the peace conference at the U.S. Naval Academy on Nov. 27. These assessments are done routinely for major events that could be attractive targets for terrorists.

"To date, DHS and the FBI have no intelligence reports indicating a possible threat to the Annapolis Peace Conference (APC); nevertheless, with the media coverage and the sensitive issues involved, the possibility of a terrorist attack against such a prominent event remains," the report says.

The report found no evidence that the Palestinian political faction Hamas — deemed by the U.S. as a terror group — plans an attack, and also found that other terror groups like the Al Qaeda and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have not expressed interest in mounting an attack.

The report notes that "domestic extremist organizations" have a presence in Maryland, but there is "no information suggesting any of these organizations pose a threat to the conference or Islamic or Jewish sites in the vicinity."

"Nonetheless," the report continues, "DHS does not discount the threat of the lone-wolf terrorists, including individuals radicalized by homegrown extremist groups or Internet content.

"Anti-U.S. rhetoric from Palestinian terrorist or organizations opposing the conference has the potential to spark violence by unaffiliated Palestinian sympathizers or lone-wolf terrorists. Many lone-wolf terrorists have conducted attacks against targets they perceived as being associated with Israelis or Jews.

"DHS and the FBI have no credible information indicating that Jewish extremist groups seek to target Muslim sites in the vicinity of the event or the USNA other than an extremist Israeli website run by Russian emigres has called for acts of civil disobedience by American Jews to protest the conference."