Agencies Being Transferred to Homeland Security

These 22 agencies will be transferred to the new 170,000-employee Homeland Security Department:

—Secret Service

—Coast Guard

—Customs Service

—Part of the Immigration and Naturalization Service

—Federal Protective Service

—Transporation Security Administration

—Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

—Part of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

—Office for Domestic Preparedness

—Federal Emergency Management Agency

—Strategic National Stockpile and the National Disaster Medical System

—National Domestic Preparedness Office

—Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Countermeasures Programs

—Environmental Measurements Laboratory

—National BW Defense Analysis Center

—Plum Island Animal Disease Center

—Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office

—Federal Computer Incident Response Center

—National Communications System

—National Infrastructure Protection Center

—National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center

—Energy Security and Assurance Program


In addition, emergency response teams will join the department:

—Nuclear Incident Response Team, from the Department of Energy

—Domestic Emergency Support Teams, from the Justice Department