As you may know, President Obama will address the nation Tuesday night, telling the world he will send more troops to Afghanistan but also that he'll demand the Karzai government stop the massive corruption going on over there.

I mean, we simply cannot have American service people dying so Afghan war lords can sell heroin.

Tuesday night at West Point, the president will try to sell the world that the Afghan war is an international cause, but that's a joke. A few nations are fighting, but very few.

Once again, the USA is carrying the heavy load against the Taliban terrorists and their Al Qaeda pals.

The weakness of the world is also what's driving the Iranian mullahs. As predicted, Iran is defying the United Nations, saying it will not cooperate with inspectors trying to inhibit the mullahs from building nuclear weapons. After years of BS, the U.N. has finally voted to censure Iran, greatly amusing the mullahs who could not care less.

So President Obama is looking at a bad situation in Afghanistan and a worse scenario in Iran as he again tries to rally the world to help out.

In its lead editorial Monday, The Wall Street Journal says: "Until the president, his advisers and the Europeans realize that only punitive sanctions or military strikes will force [Iran] to reconsider its nuclear ambitions, an emboldened Islamic republic will continue to march confidently toward a bomb, over Barack Obama's best intentions."

The very liberal New York Times has also editorialized: "There is no military solution here. But Iran's repressive leaders cannot be allowed to threaten the rest of the world with a nuclear weapon."

The Times believes international pressure and sanctions will stop the mullahs. I do not believe that. Only a naval blockade that drastically limits Iran from importing goods might bring the Iranians around.

President Obama is positioning himself as a negotiator, and that's fine up to a point. The worst thing the USA could do is to start yet another fight without exhausting all other options.

But as Stratfor reports, the Iranian mullahs, Putin and others believe the president is weak and therefore will continue to defy him until something changes.

Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a huge toll on America, especially on the military and their families. We are not in a position of strength right now.

What a mess.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Some American companies are wising up and getting on the side of Christmas.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From all of us at DISH Network, Merry Christmas.


For celebrating the federal holiday properly, the DISH Network people are patriots.

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On the pinhead front, the anti-war group Code Pink demonstrated at Travis Air Force Base in California over the weekend and things got nasty.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get out of my face! Get out of my face!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are you doing? What are you doing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) There has only got to be one demonstration. Get out of my face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don't you push me! (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Stop pushing me! Stop pushing! What is wrong with you?



"The Factor" believes in legitimate dissent, so everybody involved in that fracas is a pinhead.

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