Administration's Arrogance Abounds

Way too early to tell, but if Democrats are driven out of power this November -- and maybe the lose the presidency two Novembers after that -- I think I will know why: arrogance.

They were and are arrogant and they were clueless, which generally goes hand-in-hand with being arrogant. Because when you're arrogant, you haven't a clue about what matters to your subjects, only that you keep subjecting them to what matters to you. Now that's arrogant.

So you challenge in court the illegal immigration crackdown voters overwhelmingly support in poll after poll. Now that's arrogant.

Foist trillions of dollars in stimulus on taxpayers who consistently told you not to, but you did. Now that's arrogant.

Take over scores of industries amid overwhelming protests you were subverting the Constitution. Now that's arrogant.

And spending still more, taking over still more, vilifying still more, scape-goating still more. Yes, even in the face of rallies and protests and election after election, in which voters of all stripes said, "no more." Now that's arrogant.

And that is always politically fatal; from the smartest Cabinet that got us into Vietnam then, to supposedly the coolest, hippest deficit-basher who got us into even bigger deficits now.

Arrogance generally knows no bounds, until finally fed up voters let the arrogant know in no uncertain terms they are out of bounds — and soon, out of jobs.

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