Baldwin Brothers Step in to Help Lindsay Lohan Stay Sober | Shocked Stars React to Natasha Richardson's Tragic Death | Brooke Hogan Seeks Revenge on Phone Hacker

Baldwin Brothers Step in to Help Lindsay Lohan Stay Sober

After a whirlwind weekend in the media spotlight in response to a warrant (which was later dropped) being issued for her arrest, Tarts has been told that Lindsay Lohan is seeking professional guidance to put her back on a positive path.

According to an inside source close to the Lohan family, the troubled 22-year-old will temporarily be in a "therapeutic environment" organized by fellow actors, Stephen and Danny Baldwin.

"Lindsay is still able to go to work and meetings and do normal things," said our insider. "But she wants to remove the negative influences in her life."

Reformed rehabber himself Daniel Baldwin is devoting a great deal of time and energy into making sure the young starlet doesn't fall back into her wild ways.

"Lindsay’s doing great, her sobriety is the most important thing to her," Baldwin told Tarts in an exclusive statement on Wednesday. "She is taking all the necessary measures and actions for her continued health."

A rep for Lohan confirmed that she is not in rehabilitation but did not respond for any further comment.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, declined to elaborate on his daughter’s immediate plans but said Lindsay is committed to improving her quality of life.

"Lindsay will disclose where she is staying and what she is doing when she is ready," he said, adding that he intends to come to Los Angeles this week to offer his daughter support and guidance.

In January 2007 the "Mean Girl" star was a patient at Malibu's Promises Treatment facility, in May 2007 she checked herself into West Hollywood's Wonderland Center, and then in August 2007, she went through the twelve-step program at Utah's Cirque Lodge.

Shocked Stars React to Natasha Richardson's Tragic Death

Hollywood's elite gathered for the opening night of Alvin Ailey's American Dance Theater in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday evening to commemorate 50 years of the ground-breaking company. However the momentous occasion was streaked with sadness following the news of Natasha Richardson's tragic passing.

"It is so devastating, there are no words. She was so young and will be missed," fellow British actress and former "Bond Girl" Jane Seymour told Tarts. "I hope there is a lesson to be learned and that is to wear a helmet. Ever since my good friend Christopher Reeve had his accident I have been paranoid of hurting myself."

"Judging Amy" star Amy Brenneman couldn't even begin to express her emotion on the sad issue either.

"I can't think of any words, I just found out and I can't believe it. Life is short and blessings to her family," Brenneman said as her eyes filled with tears.

And for "The Unit" actor Dennis Haysbert, the news hit very close to his heart.

"I am just shocked, I knew Natasha and she was a sweet, sweet lady," he said."It was her time and God pulled her away. God bless the family, she will be missed."

Brooke Hogan Seeks Revenge on Phone Hacker

Someone hacked into Brooke Hogan's phone - and the beach-loving blonde sure ain't happy 'bout it.

Hogan posted a blog on her official MySpace page on Wednesday, encouraging her fans to go out and get this individual for his dirty deed:

"I have the screen name of the person who hacked my phone:) Why don't you all give him a dose of his own medicine? thanks to all my friends and fans!"

Apparently Miss Hogan changed her number twice and this hacker managed to worm his way into her T-Mobile account, twice. A conversation between one of Brooke's fans and the hacker was also posted and it seems he was quite peeved he didn't get at least a little PR the way Paris and Lindsay hackers have gotten in the past.

"It didn't even make the news, so people must not care," the alleged hacker reportedly wrote.

Hey, it just did!