Actor O'Connell Rips on Boston Sports 'Monopoly' in Advance of Super Bowl

Jerry O'Connell is sick of Boston and it's not just because he's a New Yorker.

The New England Patriots, who go into Sunday's game against the Giants with a perfect record, are another example of Boston's dominance in sports. The Red Sox are baseball's World Series champs, the Celtics have the best record in basketball, and the Bruins are one of the top teams in hockey.

"I'm sick of Boston wining so much. It's like a monopoly," the actor told The Associated Press on Saturday as he partied with friends at Maxim magazine's sprawling pre-Super Bowl party.

O'Connell, who stars in ABC's comedy "Carpoolers," jokingly called for some serious intervention if Boston's teams monopolize all sports championships.

"It looks like the Celtics are going to win the season as well," O'Connell said. "If the Boston Bruins, the NHL team, wins, the federal government has to break them up. They have to take a team away — they have to."

Even though O'Connell's team is the underdog, he thinks The Giants have a shot at busting up Boston's winning streak to claim the championship title.

"I think it's going to take everything they have but I think they can win," he said. "It's going to be difficult but I would like to see them win — I think it would be a great story."

O'Connell starred in NBC's "Crossing Jordan." His screen credits include "Stand by Me" and "Jerry Maguire."