And now the most engrossing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Even He Knows It's Not Going to Happen
A group of about two dozen people, lawyers, anti-war activists and Democratic Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, met at a law office here in Washington yesterday to consider strategies for impeaching President Bush over a war with Iraq. Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper, quotes Illinois law professor Francis Boyle as saying there was not much optimism that impeachment bill could succeed except from him and the former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who recently met with Saddam Hussein, as he has a number of times and is a bitter critic of American foreign policy. One participant in the meeting said Boyle expressed confidence that an impeachment drive would be popular because it gets loud applause at anti-war rallies.

Protests Getting Rough?
Speaking of war protests, they seem to be getting rough out in California. Remember that 9/11 memorial in the town of LaHabra that was vandalized by demonstrators while police watched. Well, now they've arrested one of those suspected of wrecking the display. The Whittier Daily News reports that 19-year-old Jennifer Quintana was charged with assault after she came to the scene, pushed her way through the people gathered there and allegedly shoved and poked the woman who originally put up the memorial.

First Time for Everything
At the University of California at Davis, meanwhile, a pro-war student who showed up at an anti-war rally yesterday was grabbed around the neck, pushed and slapped by one of the demonstrators. The victim, Joseph Fitzmorris, who says he was interviewing another demonstrator when the attack occurred, told police he's been to several such protests before but had never had to defend himself. Fitzmorris said of his assailant, "I don't even know the guy. I'd never done anything to him." Police arrested the man.

The mayor of the town of Moab, Utah, population 5,000, is not happy that MOAB is also acronym of that new 10-ton bomb the Pentagon tested this week -- the Massive Ordnance  Air Blast. Mayor David Sarkinson said, "We strongly believe our town's name could be severely damaged." Two readers of OpinionJournal.com have suggested an alternate name – BIG APPLE -- for "Bomb Is Gigantic and Packs Powerful Lethal Explosion."