ACLU: For or Against The Constitution?

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This week, readers voiced their opinions regarding the latest attack by the American Civil Liberties Union against four Kentucky counties for displaying the Ten Commandments in their courthouses and hospitals.

The majority of readers believe that the ACLU has overstepped their boundaries in this issue and are hypocritical in their assertion that the displaying of the Ten Commandments is "unconstitutional".

A few readers said that no one should take offense to the religious display since the Declaration of Independence mentions the power of "our creator" within its text. Others felt that commandments such as "thou shalt not kill" should not offend anyone but murderers.

Regardless, every form of American currency, whether it be coin or cash, bears the words, "In God We Trust." If the ACLU is so adamant about the separation of church and state, why would the Ten Commandments be treated as a different issue?

Here's a sample of this week's mail:

— I guess the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional since it states that our rights come not from the benevolence of man (who, if so empowered, is by definition, just as empowered to remove them) but from our Creator (that's a capital "C" ...God). Our rights, which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are "unalienable."  The founders understood that a citizenry that believed, freely, in God's providence was a citizenry that would not allow tyranny; a citizenry that would always be on alert.
"Separation" of church and state was supposed to prevent a state run (and, therefore, corrupted) religion; not a state preference for monotheism and basic Judeo-Christian moral principals (from which our laws derive)! While atheism, polytheism, etc., is not encouraged by such a state, people are still free to worship however they wish (i.e. Buddhism) or not believe at all (atheism).  A great country that allows such freedom also does not allow persecution by the government or the citizens of those who do not believe in God.

In the public (government) realm, Old Testament passages should be particularly inoffensive since they are truly inclusive of all Judeo-Christian beliefs.  The New Testament, regardless of its truth, is
particular to Christianity.  The Declaration of Independence is not particularistic.  It refers to our Creator (monotheism) but offers no preference to a particular faith or denomination. 

— I get so tired of the ACLU and others who obviously haven't looked into the historical data regarding seperation of church and state.  It was never intended to be a separation of state and God, but to limit the power of one specific church to gain power and demand loyalty to it's church government, i.e., the Roman Catholic church and the Roman Empire as well as the Church of England are just some clear examples of this.

A very general reading from the writings of our founders and other of our nations leaders such as Abraham Lincoln will find statements indicating their belief that this democracy can't survive without it's faith in God. Hence the words, "In God We Trust."   They believed that all of our blessings came as gifts from God.  If we want to debate their position as a nation, that's fine, but let's not distort history for our own self serving positions.  Their intentions regarding the separation of church and state seem pretty clear.

— According to recent statistics, the U.S. population is compromised of 80 percent Christian/Jews.  I think the ACLU goes way overboard when they are out recruiting complainants for cases that the vast majority of the population would not support.  The ACLU gives themselves a bad name when they do this.  They oppose restricting children from pornography on the Internet while also taking offense to the posting of the Ten Commandments in a (presumably) predominantly Christian/Jewish community.  Where is the logic in this?  Where is the balance in this?  Where are they guiding our country?  The ACLU say they exist to protect our freedoms, but there are limits and in the wake of what happened on 9/11 - arguably a case could be made that they should be ashamed of where their guidance has gotten us so far.  The ACLU needs to stop digging and searching for cases, focusing on the obscure and inane and start doing constructive things to honestly make our country a better and safer place to live. If there aren't larger, more pressing cases for them to work on where they actually would be working to protect the people's civil liberties instead of exploiting the trivial and creating mountains where there aren't even mole-hills, maybe they've outgrown the noble cause they presumably originally sought and intended to undertake.

— In regard to the ACLU's suit against those Kentucky county courts ... does the ACLU realize that the ten commandments are also posted in the very room where the Supreme Court has its' public hearings? 

— The United States republic was founded on Christianity and biblical laws. It is those laws and beliefs that give us our freedoms. I'm amazed at people who refuse to acknowledge this fact. It is time that the ACLU accepts that fact. It seems like their main objective now is to rid the US of Christianity and Christians altogether. Well, I say that it's time to rid the US of the ACLU. Shouldn't there be a legal way to disband this group? They are on the verge of proving themselves to be anti-American.

— Isn't it disgusting that people would find it "emotionally distressing" to find the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill" or the words "Thou shalt not covet your neighbors wife" on the insides of a courthouse wall ? The courtrooms fill up everyday because people have violated just these two out of the Ten Commandments.

What planet are these ACLU'ers from anyhow!!!    They must love for people to destroy themselves !!!!

— Does the ACLU have nothing better to do?  They actually have the audacity to ask the defendants to pay their legal fees?  What is this world coming to? I worked in the World Trade Center.  I am thanking my God that I am alive. Maybe if more people looked toward and obeyed the Ten Commandments this
country and the world would be a better place.

The ACLU needs to get real and find something of real importance to sue someone over!  I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry after hearing this ridiculous news.  It's just scary that these are the petty little issues that the ACLU is worried about.  Whose feelings were hurt?  Whose constitutional rights were violated??

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