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As I write this, there is yet another Amber Alert out for a missing child — this one for a 4-year-old allegedly just abducted by his father in Florida in some sort of violent incident. Hopefully, this child will be found long before Tuesday's "DaySide," but we're tracking it just in case.

In the meantime, we're doing some research on that Missouri Amber Alert (search) for an unborn baby. Bobbi Jo Stinnett was strangled last week and her unborn baby stolen right out of her womb. What we're seeing is that killings like this of pregnant women are more prevalent than you might think.

Still, the prospect of strangling a woman and cutting the child right out of her belly is — well, beyond belief. What kind of a person could do such a thing? We're talking to some prominent lawyers about how they would defend Mrs. Stinnett's alleged killer. Will they claim that Lisa Montgomery (search) experienced temporary insanity? Some kind of psychotic episode? We're planning a vigorous debate on this for tomorrow, and I'd like you to chime in. The e-mail address, as always, is dayside@foxnews.com.

We're also working on some research that has come out of the Parents Television Council (search). In a nutshell, their new study has found that entertainment shows on TV are mentioning God more than they did in the mid 90s, but they are depicting religion more negatively. Do you think this is true? Or not? Can you recall any instances in which you have felt TV shows have treated religion negatively? I'd like to hear your opinion.

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