'Able Danger' to Roost for 9/11 Commission?

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I'm like a lot of my e-mailers: I think this business about the "Able Danger" (search) unit at the Pentagon — the people who had their eye on Mohammad Atta (search) way before 9/11 — is now going to come home to roost with the 9/11 commission itself.

The reason is simple. One of the 9/11 commissioners should have been in the witness chair during the entire hearings.

She was Jamie Gorelick (search), who was in the Justice Department making up the rules before 9/11.

She was the one who ruled that the spies and military analysts couldn't tell the FBI things about people like Atta they had found information on.

This is the so-called wall — civil liberties, you know — that protected you from the evil old feds investigating you here at home in the land of the free and home of the brave. And under this thinking, a guy like Atta could be in the crosshairs of the spooks but wander around free as a bird because the spooks had been told they couldn't tell the feds charged with tracking terrorists that they had one on the radar.

This is not to say 9/11 is Jamie Gorelick's fault.

It was Mohammad Atta's fault. Same as it was the terrorist's fault that Cindy Sheehan's (search) son was killed in Iraq — not George Bush's fault.

However, the fact is that Jamie Gorelick should have been testifying before the commission about what she did and why she did it rather than sitting in judgment of what other people did.

And another thing makes me wonder what Sandy Berger (search) was stuffing in his socks when he pirated documents out of the National Archives that might have been papers the 9/11 commission was interested in seeing.

President Clinton has been honorable lately in refusing to attack George W. Bush for his decision to go to war in Iraq. He might have been forced to make the same decision. But he and his underlings should also be willing to let all of us figure out what went on back then when Usama and Mohammad were scheming.

Don't you think?

That's My Word.

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