"Mystic River" (search) is the best movie for grown-ups and "School of Rock" (search) is the best movie for grown-ups who refuse to grow up in AARP The Magazine's third annual film awards.

The "Best Movies for Grownups Awards" were created to encourage filmmakers to expand their vision and make more movies that resonate with the growing age 50 and older audience, the magazine said Tuesday.

Bill Murray (search), the 53-year-old star of "Lost in Translation," and Diane Keaton (search), the 58-year-old star of "Something's Gotta Give," were picked as best actor and actress age 50 and over.

The winners, selected by the magazine's editorial staff, will receive La Chase d'Or — The Golden Chair — a whimsical trophy in the shape of a lounge chair.

The 2004 winners: best movie for grown-ups, "Mystic River"; best actor (age 50 and over): Bill Murray, "Lost in Translation"; best actress (age 50 and over): Diane Keaton, "Something's Gotta Give"; best breakaway performance in an unexpected role (age 50 and over): Eugene Levy, "A Mighty Wind"; best director (age 50 and over): Joel Schumacher, "Phone Booth"; best screenwriter (age 50 and over): Jim Sheridan, "In America"; best foreign film: "Nowhere in Africa" (Germany);

Best intergenerational film: "Secondhand Lions"; best grown-up love story: "Something's Gotta Give"; best documentary: "Concert for George"; best movie time capsule: "Down With Love"; best TV movie: "Angels in America"; (search) and best movie for grown-ups who refuse to grow up: "School of Rock."