Aaron Sorkin, Leonardo DiCaprio and Courtney Love

Aaron Sorkin, Leonardo DiCaprio and Courtney Love in The Foxlight.

Hey, a president can't make speeches without a speech to read. We're not talking about President Bush. This is 'President Sheen.' Actor Martin Sheen was reportedly one of the unhappy cast of The West Wing who often had to wait until the last minute when creator Aaron Sorkin was taking too long writing each episode of the NBC drama.

The New York Post says that's why Sorkin is leaving Hollywood's version of The White House. Others say rising costs and falling ratings were the culprit. That and Sorkin's likely chagrin that a conservative real life President clashes with the ideals of his TV pres.

Next, Leonardo DiCaprio was 'king of the world' and a famous con man. Now the star of Catch Me If You Can has been caught -- sort of. He's headed to trial for his alleged part in a beating that took place in 1998, when Leo was a bit wilder and had a brat pack 'posse.' The man Leo's crew allegedly crew kicked around now wants $45 million because he says he can't sing. Yes, he could before. Leo gave a deposition recently.

Finally, hey girls, looking for a summer job? Think of Courtney Love as a role model? Well, the Foxlight is praying for you. But Love is looking for another female singer to open for her on tour this year. The want ad in The Village Voice says you can see the world and get famous. Famous for what is the problem I'm thinking.