AAA says travel over the Thanksgiving holiday will drop for the first time in six years due to the economic slowdown and fewer flights.

The travel club said 41 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home. That's down from 41.6 million last year — a 1.4 percent dip.

AAA President Robert L. Darbelnet said Tuesday that the economy makes Thanksgiving travel difficult for some Americans, but they will get help from the decline in gasoline prices, which hit record highs this summer.

AAA says the number of Americans traveling by car will likely decline by about 1.2 percent compared to last year, Reuters reported. Motorists make up about 81 percent of holiday travelers.

"This is the first decline in Thanksgiving holiday travel since 2002 and is the fourth consecutive travel holiday this year with a year-to-year decline in the number of travelers," AAA said in its report.