A Yuletide Rant

I don't know if you caught the president's press conference, but let me cut to the gist of the questions.

Everything stinks. Iraq. The economy. Prospects for peace. Prospects for the middle class. You name it, we're losing it.

And I'm thinking to myself, it's Christmas. Surely we can think of something good to say. Surely, there's some good this guy has done. Surely, while we're pushing him to say what we've lost in Iraq, we can talk about what we've gained in Iraq.

I don't know. People voting. An economy booming. Oil revenues soaring.

No, a lot of focus on a lot of our guys dying. But little appreciation for what they're dying for. No one mentioned that. Heaven forbid this heavenly time of year we do that. No, better to bash, than to boost.

Whether it's Iraq. Or record markets here. Or unprecedented mergers and acquisitions here. Or stunningly strong retail sales here.

Not a word of it here. Not a word of it today. It's as if good is bad and bad is good.

Look, I have no problem with the press loathing itself. It's just when it starts loathing us that I get ticked. Because let me tell you something, for all the bad press we get, and all the awful press this president gets, here's one thing the doomsayers don't get.

People still want to be here. Invest in our markets here. Seek out deals here.

Pretty good place — here. Anybody for just a "hear hear!" here?

I won't hold my breath, save for this, Merry Christmas. Good will. Good news. On earth.

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