A World Without Terrorists

What is there to say about Usama bin Laden now except … Shoot him like a mouth-frothing dog? Don't even give him the dignity of a tribunal.

Why did anyone ever think he wasn't behind the Sept. 11 attacks? What was that garbage from his people saying he didn't have anything to do with it? What is all of this crap from Yossef Bodansky about bin Laden being a figurehead with no power, a guy who doesn't plan or execute anything?

Shouldn't American troops get orders to shoot him on the spot, even if he tries to surrender? Aren't the Saudis embarrassed by bin Laden, as we were embarrassed by Tim McVeigh? (And what's with the Brits saying they wouldn't turn him over to us if they thought we might execute him?)

What do Arab governments have to say about bin Laden now? What do the martyr boys think about a guy who sends members of his own team to their deaths, without letting them know what they're in for? Have you ever seen somebody worse?

What would the prophet think about this kind of follower? Is it a sacrilege to praise Allah for this kind of hellish terror?

These questions are now over. Anybody who associates himself with bin Laden ought to be ... well, killed … or sent to space, or somewhere permanent and final.

The secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs today hesitated to use the word 'exterminate' when referring to America's plans for Al Qaeda. They were uncharacteristically squeamish about it, but why?

Why shouldn't people who think like this, who plot like this, who dream like this ... why shouldn't they be exterminated like vermin? There is no doubt that the people we saw on that tape would do it again if they had a chance. They want more building collapses. They want more Americans to die. They want to sit around eating with their fingers, giggling over the deaths they've caused.

Come on! What are we talking about here? Who in their right mind would say we ought to understand the terrorists' point of view? We shouldn't reach out to them. We should exterminate them.

We can't live in the same world with people like this, not unless we're willing to live with more chaos and more terrorist attacks.

This tape says it all. And it ends the discussion.

That's My Word.

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