A Very Charitable Donation

It is an elite club. Its members are rich — very rich. The biggest pauper among them is worth about a billion smackers. Many, like Bill Gates (search), are worth lots of billions of smackers more.

It's Forbes magazine's annual listing of the richest people on Earth. And, lo and behold, my friend Jon is on the list — again. Although he says this is his last year on the list.

Not to worry. Jon's ok. And insists he is of sound mind. Although some might think him crazy for this: He's "taking himself" off that list.

He's giving the bulk of his nearly $2 billion wealth to charity.

It's just something Jon wants to do.

When I joke with him, "Are your kids OK with this?", he answers he's provided trusts for them all — though I doubt anything close to the dough he could have dropped on them.

No, that dough is going to bigger causes, like finding a cure for the cancer that's bedeviled so many in his family — and Jon himself — so many times.

Maybe because he's been to so many funerals, endured so many doctors, fought so many health battles, Jon is a bit obsessed with this issue. And he's pouring all his dough into helping others sort out this issue.

That's just Jon.

The wannabe-billionaire who became the billionaire, who will soon become the "former billionaire."

You might not know Jon, but I suggest you pick up a copy of that Forbes issue. Read it while you can — Jon Huntsman (search), under petrochemical billionaire.

Save the issue this year. Like I said, Jon won't be in it next year.

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