The Cookie Crumbles

Remember the cookie smells at bus stops? Cute idea right? Some people didn’t think so. City officials in San Francisco, where the cookie scented "Got Milk?" ads were being featured, ordered the removal of the “cookie scent” from the bus stops. Their ruling was in response to several concerns that the pleasant smelling bus stops might offend the lactose intolerant, because they are unable to enjoy milk, and could upset the homeless, because they may not be able to afford to purchase milk or baked goods. Yummy idea, too bad not everyone could sink their teeth into it.

Crafty Kids

As you know, I have eight kids and every Christmas as soon as the presents go under the tree the competition begins. They start trying to figure out who has the most gifts, and who is getting what. They will shake the presents and peal away the corners of the wrapping paper, and every other trick in the book. This year, to thwart them, instead of writing their names on the gifts, I have assigned the children numbers. Each gift has a number, not a name. The best part is, the kids don’t know what number they are! They will have to wait until Christmas morning to find that one out.

Perhaps one mother in Columbia, South Carolina should have used my strategy. She was so fed up with her son’s present hunting antics she had him arrested. Brandi Ervin said she called the police to teach her son a lesson. Ervin says she repeatedly told her son to stop taking his Christmas gift from it’s hiding spot and he just wouldn’t listen. Calling the cops is one way to stop the kids from opening their gifts early. Personally, I think my approach might be a little less scarring.

Flying Flatulent

Here’s an embarrassing one — a flight on it’s way to Dallas made an emergency landing in Nashville after many passengers claimed they smelled “burning sulfur.” All 99 passengers and 5 crew members were searched as they were removed from the plane, and had to wait while the entire aircraft and all luggage was screened. So what was the cause? During FBI questioning, a female passenger admitted she had been striking matches hoping to conceal “body odors” she was emitting.

The plane eventually made it to Dallas, unfortunately for the gassy passenger, she was not allowed back on the flight. No charges were filled against the woman, her embarrassment was probably worse than any punishment she would have been given.

Dog Ate My Good Judgment

I’ve heard of people blaming their dog for not having their homework, but your dog causing you to rob a bank? That’s the reason one Tennessee man gave to police when questioned about why he held up a local bank. Thomas Michael Crews Jr. actually had a laundry list of reasons why he decided to make the robbery, he “lost his job, tried for another and didn’t get it, and his dog ate his parrot.” Come on, everyone knows that last excuse doesn’t work for anyone out of grade school!

Great Holiday Gifts

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Tomorrow on my show…

Today Dr. Manny was on my show talking about Botox for the boys. Girls, tomorrow is for us! Dr. Manny will be back, to talk about our cosmetic injectable options.


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