A Thank You on the Fourth

We barbecue in the sun. They bake in the sun.

We swim. They stand watch.

We party. They perform.

We dither. They deliver.

We gather with friends. They gather with comrades.

We celebrate our independence. They make it possible.

Whether in Iraq, or Afghanistan (search): They protect the peace, so we can protect this sacred ritual we call the Fourth.

I don't think they'd mind our celebrating. I do think a few would love us remembering. What they're sacrificing. What they're giving up. No pool parties for them. No parties, period.

Life is tough and dangerous, but they're focused and serious. Their comrades are still dying, so it's worth us all remembering. We're still at war and they're still fighting that war. They're there, so that we can be here.

My point is not to bring you down, but make you remember -- to make all of us remember. Not just those who serve us bravely there, but those who serve us anywhere. Now and then. In wars still raging and in wars worth remembering.

I'm grateful we have this time to celebrate. I'm even more grateful we have some pretty brave men and women who are giving us the chance "to" celebrate.

This is their day. This is their moment. This is their cause. They don't demand much. But they mean so very much.

So let me end by simply saying, thank you, very, very much. It's the least I can do. After all, I just cover the nation's bottom line. They're the ones battling on the frontline. I talk about prices. What they're doing... well, that's priceless.

Happy Fourth.

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