Adobe Systems: Paid sabbaticals of three weeks, combined with accrued vacation or personal time if employees choose, can be taken after five years of continued service with the company.

American Express: Paid sabbaticals can be taken after 10 years of service. Employees can take up to a year if they've been at company for 20 years. Can reapply for sabbatical every five years; average length of time off is three to four months.

Hallmark: Has one-time unpaid renewal/sabbatical leaves for all full-time employees who have been at the company for more than five years and have a history of strong job performance. Length of time is flexible, but leave is usually no longer than three weeks. Hallmark's creative staff is able to participate in a wide range of workshops, research trips, job rotations and other off-site events. Senior members of the creative staff who have at least 10 collective years of employment at company can take up to six paid months to explore a personal passion. One or two people are awarded the benefit per year.

Intel Corporation: Paid eight-week sabbaticals for every seven years of employment are mandatory unless granted a "special exemption." Employees can tack on up to four weeks of vacation for a three-month leave.

JP Morgan Chase: Unpaid "personal leave" of up to 52 weeks available upon hire with approval from human resources department. There is no minimum amount of service to company in order to qualify.

Merrill Lynch: No formal sabbatical program, but company allows employees to take sabbatical-style leaves. Details determined on a case-by-case basis.

Morningstar Inc.: Paid sabbaticals of up to six weeks available every four years of service. Flexible as to when and how leaves are taken.

Ralston Purina: Paid sabbatical program. Employees (called "associates") can accrue up to five days per year for a maximum of 25 days at a time. Typically taken after five years of service. Must work out timing and other details with supervisor.

Shearman & Sterling law firm: Mandatory one-time paid sabbaticals for associates in their fifth or sixth year with the company. Must choose between one-month external career development program (typically to learn a foreign language) or three-month non-home-office assignment at one of law firm's 16 locations worldwide.

Silicon Graphics: Paid six-week sabbaticals can be taken every four years. Employees must take them during the year they're eligible.

Whole Foods Markets: Unpaid sabbaticals of between six and 12 weeks can be taken after three years of employment. Most are financially covered during their leaves because they can accrue paid vacation or sick time. Extended sabbaticals of up to six months are available to employees who have been at company for six years or longer; must be approved.

Compiled by Fox News' Catherine Donaldson-Evans.