First things first: Weather bad. Show good.

First, for the odd: I never thought it was possible to get soaked walking 10 feet in the rain with an umbrella, but then again I never walked in rain like this before. Wow. I can't imagine what the people in Florida are going through if it pours like this all the way north in New York. Of course I went outside for short NFL segment where an Alaskan fan professed his love for the Steelers by sitting in an Igloo. OK… but at least Bill Maas provided solid football talk.

Sen. Graham (search) of Florida has a new a book out and rips President Bush for the War on Terror and Iraq. What else is new from a Kerry supporter? What astounds me is that he was so bi-partisan for so long on issues on intelligence. I just am shocked to see him on the offensive. I would feel the same way if Senator Shelby came out against a President Clinton, or maybe next year if there is a President Kerry. You have to give Graham credit though, because he did travel around to every terror hot spot from Pakistan to Syria to Yemen.

Shortly behind the scenes stuff: Olympic gold medal swimmer Gary Hall Jr. (search) says boxing trains him best for international swimming. He claims it’s the best way he knows to train his core. Chuck Norris has to be one of the most genuine celebrities we have met. Can I be honest? I really think I could take him. Luckily we had no reason to drop the gloves.

The most disturbing video I have seen in awhile has to be the footage coming from that Russian school. It’s so horrible to watch it, knowing most of those people — those kids — are dead.

I have a proposal: Call a global terror conference — I mean every nation under attack worth their salt shows up in Middle America: the U.S., U.K., Russia, France, Israel, Australia, Poland (you get the idea) — and we commit to training thousand of global commando units. They keep their national status and we train collectively, rapidly Special Forces. The Russian Special Ops were a joke! Did you see the parents behind the soldiers as they crept up on the school? Russia is a former super power and all they are now is one big sorry target. Can you imagine civilized nations with lethal troops prepared to pounce on these professional terrorists? We have to wake up and I think France and Russia are finally waking up. Those terrorists would shoot kids in the back and so would the terrorists in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Florida and London. Can you imagine how proficient our intelligence agents would be if they were in true global communication?

What do you think? What else do you need, or would like to know?

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