More uh-oh from A.I., Woody Allen, Sam Donaldson and Elvis in the warm glow of The Foxlight.

The guy who does the voice for A.I.'s Teddy the Bear thinks the stuffed version hitting stores later this month needs to be more kid friendly. Jack Angel wanted it to growl, laugh and pass gas. No chance. Instead, it utters Spielbergisms like, "What's new, super friend." But TV Guide says the real problem may be marketing a cuddly toy tie-in for a very adult movie. What would Teddy say?

Is Woody Allen's new movie in trouble? You decide. He's touring the west coast next month with his jazz band to promote Curse of the Jade Scorpion. The Woodman hates to travel and rarely shows up at screenings - but he will this time. Hmmm. The movie's about hypnotism - maybe everybody will sleep through it.

Sam Donaldson has uncovered a new story - at Nakednews.com. ABC bosses busted him for visiting the site. He said he checked it out "just once." Sam, we want to believe you.

What's the most unusual tribute to Elvis? A new Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, Tennessee has the defibrillator and paddles used to try to revive the King in 1977. Let's hope some fans will say "No thank you, no thank you very much."