All this... for what?

The waiting, the debating, the arguing, the rallying, the criticizing those rallying.

And this is what we've got?

A health care reform plan that has left the station and apparently hasn't any brakes.

Or any clue where it's going.

Think about that.

A reform plan that was going to guarantee health care for all, but now one that will end up 29 million folks short of all.

That's how many won't be covered after ten years?!

I thought that was the reason we were so hot to trot to get this thing done this year.

When politicians pushing it swore on a stack of bibles illegals wouldn't be covered and now many are.

Or that those making under $250,000 wouldn't be taxed to pay for it, and now many will.

When we were promised benefits that would be immediate, and now likely not for at least another few years.

And taxes wouldn't be immediate, but now likely happening this year.

Where premiums would be lower, and now they'll likely be higher.

Where vital medical care wouldn't require waiting, now maybe some waiting.

Some deal.

Some package.

I don't care if you were for this thing or against this thing, but this isn't the thing it was billed.

Although it is a bill.

A big bill.

For even its most ardent backers must acknowledge is a big disappointment.

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