John and Ann just closed on a home.

Not a big home.

But their first home.

Got it at a good price.

And a good rate.

John wanted to wait.

Ann did not.

He believed real estate would continue to come down.

Ann felt it had come down enough.

She wanted in now.

He wanted to hold off now.

Ann won.

They got themselves a home that they tell me they've been eyeing for the better part of a year.

And got that home for $40,000 less than it was going for last year.

And at a lower rate too.

John fears rates could go still lower.

And that had they waited, the price of the home they bought could go still lower too.

Ann shrugs.


But they're in.

In a home they love, a rate they like, and a price they can afford.

All and all, not bad.

For a couple starting out and seeing opportunity where most just see darkness.

Most might be right.

John and Ann have decided to take a chance and bet, maybe, maybe, they are wrong.

For now, they're focused on setting up a home and a certain room.

A nursery.

For a baby, due around Christmas.

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