I've traveled enough of this world to know two things: friends and enemies. And I'm pretty good at sorting out who's who.

Friends don't stab you in the back. Enemies do.

Friends don't cozy up to butchers. Enemies do.

Friends don't put profit over principle. Enemies do.

Friends don't spend more time trying to protect their oil interests over the world's interests. Enemies do.

Friends don't smile in public, but plot in private.

Friends don't say they love peace, but fail to protect that peace.

Friends don't cajole, or lie, or look at their own good over the greater good.

Friends know their friends' enemies could likely be their own enemies.

Friends know a friend's threat is their threat.

Friends know when a friend needs help and they give it.

Friends aren't arrogant, or condescending.

They don't second-guess in public. They seek understanding in private.

They don't ridicule the ones who stood by them and instead run to the side that would otherwise destroy them.

Friends don't strike deals with the devil.

Friends know the difference between coveting their precious Euro and just being a total "zero."

Friends know these are unfriendly times.

Friends know war isn't pretty, but ignoring evil isn't pretty either.

You stick by those who stuck by you, or you get stuck yourself.

I respect far more the enemy, who "tells" me he's my enemy and he is than the friend who "swears" he's my friend and is not.

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