A 'Crazy' Name?: Mental Health Advocates Protest the Psycho Donut Shop

A small donut shop in South Bay, San Francisco is under attack from local mental health advocates who dislike its “crazy” name — Psycho Donuts.

The Psycho Donuts shop is known not only for its controversial name but also its creative confections, with donut specialties ranging from the “melodramatic,” “bipolar” (a nut and coconut mix), and the “manic malt,” according to NBC Bay Area.

The shop owners see the names, along with their employee garb of lab coats and nursing gear, as innocent fun.

However, the local Community Alliance United to Seek Equality group does not see the humor, concerned instead that the names might hurt and offend those who have suffered from mental illnesses.

They are marching Monday morning in front of the shop to protest the shop's theme choice.

Mental health activist Juliene Larson told NBC Bay Area, “[The shop and its customers] act as if it is all right for society to accept a Beavis and Butthead mentality in real life.”

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