After looking at the news today, one thing is clear: Nothing is clear.

With ACORN, we don't know where the taxpayer money is going and every time we think we answer a question, a new one pops up. It's just like "Alice in Wonderland" and we are way down the rabbit hole.

Then, there is the merging of big corporations and even bigger government. If the country isn't trying to nationalize, companies like G.E. are looking to meet them halfway. Well, has anybody even talked about the ramifications of that?

Then, there is the triad. Marriage used to be between a man and woman. But if there can be same sex marriage, now, some are saying, "Well, there's got to be marriages between three people or how about four people?"

The solution to all of these problems is something that President Barack Obama kept talking about on the campaign trail that rings hollow now in light of everything that is going on: transparency.

Businesses need to keep clear records. There needs to be a clear boundary between government and businesses. And if we want to change that, then we have to have a clear, peaceful discussion about it.

Marriage should be clearly defined — after we've had a clear and honest look at all the ramifications of that.

Are we clear? One thing that is not clear is this from Barack Obama on that last issue:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: In my religious tradition, marriage is a religious sacrament. And people can make — different denominations can come to different conclusions about how they want to treat that sacrament of marriage.


That was from the campaign trail, but there is another where he says, you know, "I'm not a guy who goes out and supports, you know, gay marriage, but...."

Well, just be clear. What do you mean? Can we say what we mean and mean what we say?

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