President Obama, apparently feeling like there's not very much on the country's "to-do list," is reportedly going to work on immigration reform later this year and hopes to create a path for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in America to become legal.

What a sweet, sensitive guy he is.

But the one thing he's missing is that it would be a lot faster and easier to just set us all on fire at this point.

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Let me show you what I mean:

$3.5 trillion budget; a budget where the only fat they cut out is national defense; growing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid obligations where the best-case scenario is that we're on the hook for $53 trillion and the worst-case is that we're buried under $1.25 quadrillion in debt.

Overseas, Obama's apologizing to the Frenchy-French for American arrogance, bowing to Saudi Arabia's king and — I almost forgot — closing Gitmo and potentially letting terrorists onto the streets.

Also, on the island of Cuba, the Congressional Black Caucus met with Fidel Castro to try to fix U.S.-Cuban relations, something that would give their tourism industry a billion-dollar boost. And it's no wonder that Illinois Democrat Bobby Rush said about the meeting, "It was almost like listening to an old friend."

And what a friend he's been, especially to his own people. Under the Castro brothers, 93 percent of the Cuban labor force works for the state, with the average worker making a whopping $9 a month; there are also — according to the United Nations — seven abortions for every 10 babies born in Cuba. Sure sounds like a family vacation destination to me!

President Obama now also wants to legalize illegal aliens, at a time when the unemployment rate is 8.5 percent and the underemployment rate is 15.6 percent. It's hard enough for Americans to find a job, without being forced to compete with a whole new crop of workers.

And let's not forget the U.S. military report that Mexico is as likely to collapse as Pakistan. Between amnesty and chaos, clearly I'm crazy to think that anyone would run for the border.

President Obama, why don't you just set me on fire right now? At least we'd get it over with.

If I burned off my fingers, I might qualify for some aid. Now that is progressive thinking.

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