911 Transcript: 'I Drowned My Grandson...I'm Psychotic'

Marcia Maglisco, 62, of Newington, Conn., was charged Friday with one count of risk of injury to a minor after her grandson drowned in the bathtub at his West Hartford home.

Maglisco was found dead Monday in her home. An autopsy Tuesday concluded she committed suicide by hanging herself.

West Hartford police released this transcript Tuesday of Maglisco's 911 call Friday:

Dispatcher: West Hartford Police/Fire Dispatcher Williams.

Maglisco: Uh, yes, I'm at 14 Foxridge Road. I need the police to come and arrest me, I drowned my grandson.

Dispatcher: You did what now?

Maglisco: I drowned my grandson. I need to.

Dispatcher: (Unintelligible). OK, OK, how old is this child? And OK, are you home alone?

Maglisco: Yes, I'm in their home.

Dispatcher: 14 Foxridge?

Maglisco: Yes.

Dispatcher: Is, is he ... Oh, OK, you're saying he's deceased?

Maglisco: Yes.

Dispatcher: Are you (unintelligible), when did you do this, just now?

Maglisco: Yes.

Dispatcher: OK, well, is there a way you can, um, do something to try to bring him back?

Maglisco: I can't ... I'm just a grandmother. I have mental problems. I'm a very bad (unintelligible).

Dispatcher: How old of a child is it?

Maglisco: Two.

Dispatcher: It's two years old? I want you to stay on this line.

Maglisco: I'm gonna go put his clothes on. I called the mother to come home. I want the police to shoot me, if they could.

Dispatcher: Is he still in the water?

Maglisco: No.

Dispatcher: You've taken him out of the water?

Maglisco: Yes, I have. He's just deceased. They don't need an ambulance. The mother's coming, please help.

Dispatcher: You are the grandmother?

Maglisco: Yes, I am.

Dispatcher: What is your name?

Maglisco: Marcia Maglisco.

Dispatcher: Magusto?

Maglisco: Maglisco, yes.

Dispatcher: And you will not do anything to try to attempt to bring the child back?

Maglisco: I tried, I can't. I'm psychotic (pause) ... He was in the tub, he slipped, he banged his head and I just left him.

Dispatcher: How long ago was this ... how long ago?

Maglisco: About 10 minutes.

Dispatcher: 10 minutes?

Maglisco: Mmhmm ... I have to go and wait for the mother. I need you to help the mother, please help the mother.

Dispatcher: Well, where's the mother at?

Maglisco: She's ... I called her to come from work, I told her her son's dead, she's coming. I'll be right ... I have the door open so you'll (unintelligible) can take me. Thank you, bye.

Dispatcher: I want you to stay on this line — hello?

Maglisco: I have to go up and get him ready so she won't see him undressed, OK?

Dispatcher: No, don't touch that baby, unless you're going to do something to try and bring him back.

Maglisco: All right, I will. Bye.

Dispatcher: Hello? (Phone line disconnects).

Transcript released by West Hartford Police Department