911 Callers Give Eyewitness Accounts of Hudson River Crash

Frantic callers dialed 911 and described the gruesome scene of a plane colliding with a sightseeing helicopter over the weekend before they both crashed into the Hudson River killing nine people.

"There is nobody coming up near the surface," said one female caller told a 911 operator. "I don't see anyone coming up."

Another caller, started to calmly describe what she saw, before her voice started to crack.

"I think I just saw someone go down in the Hudson River. I think it was a helicopter. Can you have someone check it please." said the woman before her voice begins to fade.

"I would hurry," she continued, pausing between words. "I saw the last part of it. I saw something explode and then saw something fell out after that, so I would hurry."

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Divers have found eight of the nine bodies — the last inside the wreckage, which is buried under about 60 feet of water in the murky river between New York and New Jersey.

The plane was found on its side with no wings visible, police said, and the Army Corps of Engineers is being consulted on how to pull the aircraft to the surface two days after it torpedoed into a tourist helicopter, killing nine people including five Italian tourists aboard the chopper and a Pennsylvania family on the plane.

The helicopter was pulled from the water Sunday.

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Other 911 callers were not sure exactly what they saw, but knew whatever it was — it wasn't good.

"I think I saw something out of the sky drop down," one caller told a 911 operator.

It seemed immediately clear to witnesses there were going to be no survivors.

"I just saw an airplane hit a helicopter in the Hudson River," one caller said. "The helicopter went into the water."

"Is anyone injured?" the 911 operator asked.


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