Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET
Hosted by Brit Hume
FOX Broadcast Network

Join us for a special on Sept. 11 as we remember the past and look toward the future. Host Brit Hume reports live from Ground Zero with stories that will move you, teach you, and those that will make you proud.

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Day of Terror
We'll update you on the events of the day.
9/11: Was Everyone Wrong?
A look at all the doom and gloom predictions about the economy, terrorism and the war effort that never came true from the first days after 9/11.

The Terror Network
Carl Cameron
reports: How was the deadliest attack ever on the United States planned and executed?
Defeating Al Qaeda
Geraldo Rivera reports from Tora Bora, Afghanistan: An investigative look at what's left of Usama bin Laden's terror network.
The Unseen Enemy
Bill O'Reilly reports: Why are Muslim-Americans not coming forward to condemn the attacks?

Show of Force
Bret Baier reports from the Pentagon: An inside look at how the American military defeated the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Protecting United States
Tony Snow
reports: A look at what is being done to keep America safe from future attacks.
Catherine Herridge reports: Has airline security improved since the attacks?

An Act of War
Shepard Smith reports from Ground Zero: The stories of the people who survived and what's happened to them. We'll give you an update.

Patriots of United Airlines Flight 93
Linda Vester reports: We'll hear from the families and friends of the passengers and crew of United Airlines flight 93, which carried the first Americans to fight back in the War on Terror.

The Last Fallen Hero
Charlie Daniels shows his spirit with a concert in New York.