9/11 Blame Game: FBI Fumble or Saudi Sabotage?

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A congressional inquiry suggests that Saudi Arabia (search) might have played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed more than 3,000 people. The 900-page report also claims the FBI failed to follow through on evidence relating to Al Qaeda (search) in the United States. It is scheduled to be released Thursday.

So, whose fault was it?

9/11 blame game: FBI fumble or Saudi sabotage?

A sample of your responses:

We're suppose to believe that Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the world yet we would have believed that something like 9/11 would happen before it happened?  Give me a break. 
Barbara W.

How on earth could we expect the FBI to have rounded up 19 Muslim males on suspicions of possible terror attacks on 9/10?  The ACLU, CAIR and other foes of America would have been screaming bloody murder!
Jon A.
Syracuse, N.Y.

In the pre 9/11 days, if the FBI had managed to put together all of these pieces of the hijacker puzzle, the case would have probably been thrown out of court because of racial profiling. Also, acting suspicious isn't a crime, so what was there for the FBI to investigate? The majority of any blame still needs to rest on the INS and it's failure to enforce existing laws.
Jeff G.

There was no Saudi fumble -- they haven't seen the ball since the kickoff -- only because they don't want to.
Jacksonville, N.C.

With all I have been reading lately about events before 9/11, I cannot deny to myself that something is very wrong! I believe American oil companies and the Bush administration were involved with dealings with the Taliban before Bush was even in office, concerning an oil pipeline from Turkmenistan to India.  This pipeline was to run through Afghanistan and it didn't happen because of the Taliban. Efforts by our intelligence agencies have been blocked from investigation by the Bush administration by all means. Cheney won't turn over requested info and neither will Bush. The 9/11 investigation is being stalled for some reason. What could that reason be?  Something is terribly wrong with this whole situation. I firmly believe that this is a massive cover-up and  Saudi Arabia is involved somehow. Why are news agencies not paying more attention to these disturbing coincidences between the Bush team and the oil and gas pipeline in Afghanistan? This could be the greatest scandal to ever hit the White House!
Greg B.
Berwick, La.

They are both just as guilty. The Saudis pulled it off and the FBI dropped the ball. If the FBI had been on their toes, it probably would not have happened.
Linda C.
Lynchburg, Va.

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