Dominic Osorio is fighting brain cancer, but he doesn’t know that.

Instead the 7-year-old boy from Bel Air, Maryland, thinks he is the main character in a superhero story and he is fighting evil every time he has to undergo a procedure or treatment, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Dominic’s mother concocted a story in which Dominic is known as “the Dominator" — a superhero fighting an evil enemy, which Dominic refers to as a megazoid.

After Dominic was diagnosed in 2007 with brain cancer, Bel Air restaurant manager Dave Anderson became so intrigued with Dominic’s story that he started fundraising for the boy – and rallied to have comic book made about “the Dominator.”

Getz-Calandra Productions has since published the illustrated book, which features “the Dominator” in a red bodysuit with a large blue “D” on his chest.

Dominic is still fighting the tumor, which continues to grow, but his grandmother, Monique Spagna, said he is not giving up.

“His eyes are not open, but he knows we are all there,” Spagna said. “He has been fighting for two years, and he is still fighting. He always told us to believe. We are still hoping there is one more treatment to try.”

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