Fifty-four guns were seized from the home of an 18-year-old in custody for shooting his girlfriend's parents dead and then taking her on the lam, court papers show.

The weapons and ammunition removed from David Ludwig's home were confiscated in a search conducted Sunday, according to the documents. At the time, Ludwig and his 14-year-old girlfriend Kara Beth Borden were still at large.

Ludwig has since been caught — charged with two counts of criminal homicide, kidnapping and reckless endangerment — and is in prison without bail. Kara is home in Pennsylvania with her family.

Police allege Ludwig shot and killed Michael and Cathryn Borden at their home in Lititz, north of Lancaster, Pa., following an argument early Sunday over his relationship with Kara. The two had been dating, apparently secretly, friends and witnesses said.

On Wednesday, Ludwig's attorney said his client is frightened.

Public defender Merrill M. Spahn, described Ludwig as "physically sound but understandably scared, anxious and confused."

He added: "At this time, the concerns and thoughts of the Ludwig family are with the Borden family, their own family and everyone who has been touched by this tragedy."

Spahn said he will ask for a postponement of a scheduled Nov. 23 preliminary hearing.

"Over the coming days, we will strive to determine what, in fact, occurred last Sunday morning and what may have led to these tragic events," he said.

Ludwig was flown back to Lancaster County on Tuesday from Indiana, where police captured him following a high-speed car chase that ended when the teen crashed into a tree. He was driving his parents' car with Kara in tow.

Kara was also flown back to Pennsylvania from Indiana on Tuesday, in a separate plane, and police say they are treating her as a crime victim but that the investigation is continuing.

Ludwig's parents, Gregory and Jane Ludwig, issued a statement Wednesday expressing their sorrow for the "events which challenge everything about us" and asking the public to give them space and time in which to process the events.

"Living inside the devastation of this unimaginably horrible week, no words can adequately express the sorrow, shock and senselessness of what we are all experiencing," they said.

About 100 people attended a prayer service Wednesday night at Monterey Chapel in Leola, about five miles outside Lancaster. About 15 people stood and offered prayers for the Borden and Ludwig families, the teens' friends and authorities working on the case.

Church elder David Sheaffer said funeral services for the Borden parents will be held Saturday at Lancaster Bible College.

"We know tonight where Mike and Cathy are," Sheaffer said. "They're with the Lord in heaven, and we rejoice in that."

Church member Ernie Schwarz, 59, offered up a prayer for the Borden and Ludwig families, then prayed for God to reach out to David Ludwig in his jail cell.

"We pray that you'll put a Bible there with him and you'll open his mind and have him recall what was taught to him in a Sunday school," Schwarz said.

After the service, Schwarz said that Michael Borden was a church elder who taught Sunday school and was well-liked by young people. He said he believed that the tragedy is "going to strengthen a lot of people's commitment to the Lord."

"I think the young people will be more careful about who they pal around with," he said. "I hope."

Ludwig and Kara Borden were both home-schooled. A witness told investigators the two had a sexual relationship.

Cristen L. Frederick, who worked with Ludwig at an electronics store in Lancaster, said Wednesday she knew the two were secretly dating and that Ludwig was keeping their relationship quiet because of their age difference.

"He was a really good guy," said Frederick, 23, a college student. "He was friendly and joked around. I considered him to be a good Christian — he brought his Bible and read it during breaks."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.