More than 50,000 music fans and anti-poverty campaigners gathered Wednesday for the last of the Live 8 concerts.

Actor George Clooney and model Claudia Schiffer (search) were among the celebrities on stage in between performances as spectators watched through the rain at Murrayfield stadium.

U2 singer Bono introduced a recorded message from former South African President Nelson Mandela (search) that was played on a big screen for a damp but enthusiastic crowd.

"As long as poverty and injustice can cause inequality to persist in our world none of us can truly rest," Mandela said in the video.

He urged the Group of Eight leaders: "Don't look the other way. Don't hesitate. Recognize that the world is hungry for action, not words. Act with courage."

Schiffer sent a message to the chancellor of her native Germany.

" Gerhard Schroeder, we are watching you. Since you woke up this morning, 30,000 children have already died.

"I myself have got two kids. ... On behalf of all the African mothers, I beg the politicians to do something now," Schiffer said.