A five-year-old female parrot named Strawberry has proved to be smarter than human investors in a stock investment contest.

The parrot from Papua New Guinea finished third in the six-week challenge, said Paxnet, an online stock market information provider.

Ddalgi (Korean for Strawberry) competed with 10 stock investors in South Korea. Each started with 60 million won ($49,000) in cyber money and traded $8,200 worth of stocks in each transaction.

Human investors picked any stocks they wanted but the parrot, using its beak, made random choices from balls representing 30 blue chips, including Samsung Electronics.

"The outcome of our contest was amazing," Paxnet general manager Chung Yeon-Dae said. "Ddalgi stood third with her investment return standing at 13.7 percent."

Human investors averaged a 4.6 percent loss, with only two outperforming the parrot.

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