Oh my god! I just met Barbara from One Day at a Time. Remember that show? Julie was soooo annoying, and what was with Schneider always just popping on in? But then there was Barbara. Barbara was pretty and sweet and exactly what I wanted to be when I was a teenager. But, I digress. Yes, kids, I just had the pleasure of spending five minutes with actress, Valerie Bertinelli.

You probably know Valerie is a self professed health and weight-loss activist who recently lost 40 pounds on the Jenny Craig weight loss program. What you may not know, is that she has just written a book- Losing It—And Gaining My Life Back One Pound At A Time. After reading her story and all about her journey with Jenny Craig, she hopes other women will commit to bettering themselves without taking things too seriously and allowing themselves to make mistakes. I asked her if it's Jenny's program alone that keeps her looking fabulous and here's what she had to say.

On fitness- Yes, she does credit Jenny for losing weight and creating better eating habits, but she also feels exercise is key! She recently started a new exercise regime and thinks it's important for women to fit in a work-out despite how busy they are! She told me about forcing herself to exercise after traveling the night before. Now that's commitment.

On beauty- Let me tell you, Valerie looks great. Not botox-Hollywood great. But legitimately, glowey, beautiful and naturally, great. How???? She credits genes. Uuh, no secret formulas there. She also credits getting sleep and drinking lots of water. Now that's something I for one can be better about.

On balancing work and motherhood- Valerie has a 17 year old son at home and of course, a busy career. So how does she make both work? It seems communication does the trick. Valerie told me how she texts her son, Wolf throughout the day when she's out of town, and makes sure she makes it to his performances. Yep, he got the acting bug from mom and the music bug from dad, Eddie Van Halen. She also admits, that her teenage son doesn't need her as much as he used to so she makes sure to make dinner for his cast and band mates to stay involved.

Don't forget to pick up Valerie's book. It's a great gift for the holidays.

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