Five people were killed Wednesday morning when their car collided with a Norfolk Southern (search) research train about 12 miles from the Georgia-South Carolina border.

The train, which consisted of a locomotive and two cars, was traveling 45 mph and collided with the four-door Buick at Ascauga Lake Road Crossing in Graniteville, Capt. Karl McClary of the South Carolina Highway Patrol (search) said.

All five victims were in the car, which was dragged about two-tenths of a mile down the track by the train. McClary said no identification was found with the victims. All five victims appeared to be adults, he said.

Rob Chapman with Norfolk-Southern said no one on the train, which is used to measure the height and curvature of the tracks, was hurt.

McClary said three cars attempted to beat the train at the crossing. The first two made it and the Buick was the third.

There are no crossing arms at the crash site, but the flashing lights were working, McClary and Chapman said.