A school bus overturned on a Bronx (search) expressway Friday, injuring dozens of children and adults returning from a teacher's funeral, authorities said.

The bus flipped on its side when another vehicle that was trying to merge onto the highway slammed into the back end of the bus around 11:15 a.m., police said. The bus was carrying seventh-graders, parents and faculty from St. Joseph's Elementary School (search) at the time.

"We tilted to the left, and then back, and then went over on the right and landed," said Adesuwa Abulu, 12, who was sitting on the bus with a friend. "There were sparks everywhere. Kids were yelling, 'Make it stop! Make it stop!'"

Scores of emergency workers responded to the crash scene. Some of the children were strapped onto boards for transportation to hospitals.

The Archdiocese of New York (search) said 42 students were injured, along with 10 faculty members and parents. Both drivers also were injured.

A total of 36 students and one teacher were treated for minor injuries at three Bronx hospitals, while the rest were aided at the crash site.

All the children were wearing seat belts, said Fire Chief Thomas Dunne.

The majority of the children were able to make their way outside before rescuers arrived; firefighters went through windows to pull the rest to safety. The front window of the bus was smashed, and its back door and overhead baggage racks were bent out of shape. Its front grill was missing.

"It is quite an incredible scene right here," said Fire Chief James Esposito.