35 Flamingo Lawn Ornaments Stolen From Cancer Patient

The 35 pink flamingo lawn decorations stolen from the yard of a Vancouver cancer patient are still missing — but she has a new flock.

Peggy Connolly said late Friday she has 50 flamingos on her front lawn, most of them loaned to her from the Oregon Zoo after news coverage of the theft.

Friends of Connolly had put about three-dozen flamingo decorations in her yard to cheer her up during her cancer treatment. But when she looked out the window Wednesday she saw some boys throwing the yard ornaments into a car and driving off.

Zoo workers from Portland came to her home late Friday afternoon and set the flamingos on her lawn.

She's received other offers of flamingos as well but Connolly says she has plenty now, adding, "It really is fun. But it's exhausting."