An overweight mother who died after stomach surgery had the operation because she feared her daughter would be bullied at school due to her mother's weight.

Kerry Greaves, from Tang Hall, York in England, opted for the gastric bypass operation following concerns that her 3-year-old daughter Melissa would be teased about her size.

The bypass procedure involves surgeons reducing the size of the stomach, causing weight loss.

After the surgery, the 30-year-old's stomach didn't heal properly and despite repeated operations to save her, she died on July 22.

"Kerry never thought there would be any problems with the surgery and neither did we," Greaves' mother Anne said. "She did it for her daughter. She didn't want her to be picked on at school.

"She had [friends] who had had the operation and they were fine," she continued. "She thought if they are fine I will be fine."

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