23 Sentenced in Cycling Doping Trial

Former cycling trainer Freddy Sergant was sentenced to four years in jail Monday in a trial centered on a doping ring that supplied a cocktail of amphetamines, cocaine and heroin to riders in France and Belgium.

Sergant received the harshest of 23 sentences, with none of the defendants escaping punishment.

The sentencing comes amid a scandal that threw the Tour de France into chaos on the eve of the race. Several top cyclists were withdrawn Friday because of a doping investigation in Spain.

Sergant, a Belgian believed to be the key figure, also was fined more than $230,000. His wife, Monique, was given a one-year prison term.

The other sentences ranged from about $1,900 to a 2 1/2-year prison term — with 20 months suspended — for former pro cyclist Laurent Roux. He said he would appeal.

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His brother Fabien was sentenced to two years, with 15 months suspended. The brothers, each having already has been jailed eight months, were ordered to pay more than $230,000 apiece in fines.

"I have the impression that, despite what just happened in the Tour de France, that I'm the [scapegoat] for a totally corrupt system," Laurent Roux said.

About 2,000 doses of what is often called a "magic cocktail" or "Belgian cocktail" were sold in France and Belgium between 2002 and 2005, the prosecutor said.

French Cycling Federation lawyer Paul Mauriac called the verdicts just.

"Let's stop saying that others dope, everyone dopes, so I will dope," Mauriac said.