A real estate agent stumbled onto two decomposing Great Dane carcasses behind a nailed-shut door and called authorities, who found the remains of more than 20 more dogs.

The home was empty but had been occupied until several months ago by a woman who bred Great Danes, authorities said. Police were searching for the woman, who has been cited in the past for neglecting dogs.

The real estate agent, Jack Buckles, had gone to the foreclosed home last week to estimate how much cleanup it needed before it could be sold. When he went to a small building at the back of the property, apparently a kennel, Buckles said he found the bodies of two dogs.

"They had no way of getting out because the door leading to the kennel was nailed shut," Buckles told the Bradford Era.

Police were called to investigate. Armed with a search warrant and protective clothing and masks, they found 21 more carcasses, including bodies and bones of adult and younger dogs, on and near the property.

The dogs were estimated to have died three to nine months ago.