The Michigan Supreme Court (search) on Thursday threw out a $21 million verdict against DaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) in a sexual harassment case brought by an autoworker, saying the amount was "so excessive and so clearly the product of passion and prejudice."

Linda Gilbert (search) had claimed that she was subjected to years of harassment from co-workers who called her cruel names and left sexually explicit cartoons and photos around her locker. But the automaker said that she disclosed a number of allegations only after she sued and that the company did all it could with the information it had.

The 1999 verdict was believed to be one of the largest awards to a single sexual harassment plaintiff.

"The jury's verdict unmistakably reflects passion rather than reason and prejudice rather than impartiality," the high court said in its 4-3 decision.

DaimlerChrysler had no immediate comment.