Many of you have asked why the show is called 212! Easy explanation—it’s New York City’s area code!

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I loved the East Village salon piece. It is so nice to see all the folks who make a city run well. Hope your show is a huge success and kudos to the whole Fox News staff. You have restored my faith in actual news reporting.

Dottie K.

Yee Ha! Your show gives me mucho pleasure!

Joe P. (Folsom CA)

Hello I live in Tokyo Japan. Since this is a show on New York, could you interview Vinny Testaverde 
of the Jets on the upcoming season? I saw a piece on Vinny two years ago (before getting injured) and they 
described his background etc. You have a talented host Brian Kilmeade. So think about it for a show idea!

Eddie K.

Why is the name of the show '212'? Like the show; like Brian Kilmeade on this and the morning show (Fox and Friends); but the name is driving me crazy!

Susan T. (Brownwood, TX )

I really enjoy watching this show, because it showcases ordinary people doing what they do best.( Always root for the underdog!!!) It also showcases a very funny host & crew. And please show more episodes that take Mr. Kilmeade out of his element (the episode of Brian becoming a model is very funny). For future shows how about a day in the life of a NY cop, taxi driver, stripper, etc...

T. Humbert

I just caught the program for the first time and I thought it was "GROOVY". Loved the "behind the scenes" on Bill O'Reilly too! Always wondered what Bill got up to in the office pre & post camera. Keep up the good work!


Just want to tell you I love the show and I think Brian has a great sense of humor on Fox and Friends too, keep up the good work.

Marie E. 

Hey, Thanks for a great new show, at least it's new to me. It's the fastest half hour on tv, no kidding. Brian is great and I wish you many years of success. You deserve it.

Joel A.

I just want to say that I absolutely love your show, 212. I happened to come across it a couple of weeks ago. I visited New York City last summer for the first time and watching your show makes me want to come back for another visit. Basically, I'm a huge Fox News Channel fan. I just turn on Fox News 
Channel when I wake up on Saturday morning and it stays on your channel all day. 

Debbie D. (St. Louis, MO

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