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21-Year-Old Evan Rachel Wood Busted Making Out With Movie Dad

Stranger things have happened - after all, this is Hollywood. Evan Rachel Wood, 21, hit headlines last year after she started dating Marilyn Manson (19 years her senior) but since their split in December has she now moved on to 56-year-old veteran actor Mickey Rourke?

The two attended Grey Goose’s Official SAG after-party at the Shrine on Sunday evening but were spotted leaving together enroute to the later after party at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to Pop Tarts spies, the actress went upstairs with Rourke (whose second marriage ended over a decade ago) when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the swanky five-star hotel.

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The duo have been romantically linked since she played his daughter in "The Wrestler," although Wood always denied that they were anything more than friends.

Reps for Rourke and Wood did not respond for comment.

So, if you make out with your movie dad, does that make it movie... oh forget it.

Also seen livin’ it up at the ultra-exclusive soiree were Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Kevin Dillon and Diane Lane.

Brad Pitt’s Beer Confiscated, Holmes Hangs With The Smokers

Just because you’re Brad Pitt it doesn’t mean you can get into your car with booze in your hand. Pop Tarts spies spotted the Curious Case of Benjamin Button star and leading lady Angelina Jolie sneaking out the back door of the Grey Goose SAG after-party on Sunday night, but Brad’s quiet exit was made a little more dramatic when organizers asked him to hand over his beer before entering the vehicle.

According to our eyewitness, Pitt didn’t even realize he was still carrying the beer and was quick (although a little embarrassed) to surrender his adult beverage, although good news is that Pitt was smart enough not to be getting behind the wheel himself. But while the famous Jolie-Pitt duo didn’t stay long at the star-studded affair, Katie Holmes made the most of her evening away from her mothering duties and was spotted hanging out with Josh Brolin and Sean Penn as they slipped outside for a smoke break (mind you, Mrs. Cruise refrained from any puffing.) Speaking of smoke stops, Brolin was also seen sharing a cig with Will Arnett, Diane Lane and Amy Poehler, who was happily showing off pics of her baby on her BlackBerry Bold while British comedian Tracy Ullman entertained Brolin with stories on how her table upset wait staff with their constant demand for more cocktails during the show.

Inside, Meryl Streep celebrated her win well into the wee hours by busting out some skilled sets on the dance floor to Give Me Some Lovin’ while toasting with guests and was reportedly by far the best at busting the moves. Pop Tarts also noticed Emilie Hirsch toting around a gorgeous brunette all night long although the too-cool-for-school Milk star refused to take off his Wayfarers.

Brenda Song Set To Score Big Bucks For Unauthorized Escort Agency Advertisement

Brenda Song is another Disney darling who has been embroiled in a snap scandal, but unlike Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Adrienne Bailon, this 20-year-old sweetheart reportedly didn’t give permission for her pic to be published and especially not to promote prostitution.

Last April, Song filed a libel suit (seeking over $100,000 in damages) against escort agency Cityvibe.com who used her photograph in a newspaper advertisement. An attorney for the "Sweet Life of Zack & Cody" starlet claimed that he called the number listed on the ad and was promised a meeting with the young women in the picture who was touted as "Layla."

But after nine months of battling it out, Song has now reached a tentative agreement and the case is set to be finalized in the Los Angeles Superior Court in February.

Hollywood Publicist Explains Falling Out With Paula Abdul, His Mistake In Handling Isaiah Washington Debacle & Why Monica Lewinsky Is An Excellent American Rolemodel

The name Howard Bragman has become almost synonymous with Hollywood. Having worked as an events and personal publicist for over 30 years, the founder of the "Fifteen Minutes" PR firm has finally released a tell-all insight to the not-so-glamorous world of show business entitled "Where's My Fifteen Minutes?"

Back in 2007 tapes were released of a sobbing Paula Abdul trashing her then-rep Bragman, sparking a media storm.

"We weren’t a great fit from the start. I was very honest with Paula and it wasn’t working so we agreed to end our working relationship after the season of Idol," Bragman told Tarts. "We probably won’t be breaking bread together now, although I did invite her to my book party."

But even with decades of experience, Bragman admitted he stuffed up when it came to Isaiah Washington's axing from "Grey's Anatomy" over what many perceived to be a slur. According to Bragman, Isaiah had offered to resign but found it "absurd" that the network chose to make him "jump through hoops" to let him go.

"I came up with the statement "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore" (borrowing the famous Howard Beale line from Network) and we both liked at the time, but it was misinterpreted and ended up re-enforcing the stereotype of an 'angry black man,'" Bragman explained.

And although most people wouldn't consider Monica Lewinsky much of a patriot, Bragman begs to differ.

"Monica chose dignity, she had every opportunity to cash in but she stood her ground," he said. "She had the power to take the President down but instead she saved this country from a lot of pain."

But show biz aside, Bragman's book is filled with interesting tidbits regarding how the average American can boost their public persona and do what most Hollywood types do best — act.

"We can learn a lot from Hollywood stars and how they reach such a level of success," he addd. "And it all comes down to how you market yourself."

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