2003 Fox Features

December 2003

Teaching the Gift of Giving to Children
Hollywood Heavies Vie for Oscar Gold
Ratings Detail Sex and Violence in Video Games
Trendy Lawyers Share Stage With Celeb Clients
G.I. Phone Home
Artists Vie to Coin America
Dressing for Success at the Office Holiday Fest
Holly, Jolly, Maddening Music
Web Spawns Growth in Tracing Family Trees
Web Sites Give Holiday Shoppers Bright Ideas
Hollywood Boulevard's Price of Fame
DVD Releases Spark Movie Premiere Déjà Vu

November 2003

Cranberries Grow Beyond Sauce
Tips for a Tasty Turkey Day
Ready to Ditch That Home Phone?
Network TV's Case of the Missing Men
Theatrics, Lip-Synching Shape TV Awards Shows
Men Enter the Name Game
Churches Find 'Purpose' With Book's Help
Stars Attempt to Mix It Up -- With Mixed Results
Boomers Shape Up With Curves
'Nemo' Is a Favorite 'Catch' on DVD
Fact or Fiction?
Feeling Sexy? It Could Be Your Cat
Converted Railways Revitalize Communities

October 2003

Stars Dabble in Diplomacy
TV Gangs Up on Rich Kids
Celebrity Voices Add Star Power to Animated Films
Cheerleaders Shed Skirts to Wow Fans
Stars Beef Up on Bodyguards
TV Takes on Celebrities -- With a Twist
Technology Resurrects Dead Stars
Fantasy Camps Offer Thrills of a Lifetime
Teens Losing 'Mallrat' Status
Thongs Be Gone
'Push Presents' Expected From Expectant Fathers
Changing the Color of Money
Drug Ads Don't Say Much, but Sell Big
Pediatric Growth Hormone Sparks Controversy
Ready, Set, Go Bags
Kites Inspire New Extreme Sports
Here She Comes ... Ms. Senior America
Technology Brings History Up to Speed

September 2003

Fans Take TV to the Web
Stores Provide 'Shopatainment'
College Tuition Scare: Don't Believe All the Hype
Fast-Food Industry Goes on a Health Kick
Going for the Gold One More Time
Pups Panting for 'Pawlished' Nails
Looking for Deeper Pockets, Teachers Dip Into Their Own
Pop Culture Pimps Out
Breaking the Bank for Junior
Cash Buried Near Nashville
Travelers 'Fall' for the Beach
Johnny Cash's Legacy Crosses Generations
Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies at 71
Songs Sung by Johnny Cash
Country Music Lightens Up
Disney's a Pretty Big World After All
Mum's the Word About Movies' Twist Endings
Mini Movies Debut on Big Screen and Small
Health Experts Disturbed by Dangerous Trends
Escapism Makes a Comeback -- Literally
Perks Help Workers Fight Fat
Parents Suffer From Empty Nest Syndrome
Parents Suffer the Back-to-School Blues

August 2003

Students Call College Rankings Into Question
Not Just Cold Feet: Weddings Go Wild
Does Music Make Baby Brainy?
Just Child's Play?
Online Piracy: The Ultimate Generation Gap
Blurring the Lines Between Comedy and News
Summer Camp Heads to Cyberspace
Hollywood Offers Second — and Third — Chances
Stars Look to Dentist to Conceal Stinky Secret
Researchers Help Fat Felines Battle the Bulge
Web Sites Entice Kids With a Nose for News
Web Blurs Ethics, Privacy Rules

July 2003

Moviegoers' Blockbuster Blues
Unwrapping the Fast Food Debate
Publishing Biz in Trouble Despite Big Name Books
Gunning for Guys on TV
Businesses Encourage Mobile Manners
Barnacles and Sea Urchins Take the Plate
Who's Your Daddy?
Grandma, Are We There Yet?
Death Becomes Them: Dead Celebs Cash In
Personalized Funerals Shake Stiff Traditions
Hints of Hawaii Hit the Mainland
Couples Seek Guidance Before Tying the Knot
Summer Camp's Digital Divide
Churches Worship in the High-Tech World
Christian Rock Crosses Over
Summer Travelers Are a Target for ID Thieves
Skeletal Celebs Flaunt Pelvic Bones
Is Downloading Killing Albums One Song at a Time?

June 2003

Fox News' Summer Reading Recommendations
Taming Summer Music Festivals
Tour Guide Testing Gets Tough
Sexy Golf Fashion Swings Onto the Links
Big Names May Get Americans to Read More
High-Heeled and Dangerous
Summer Eats Are a Blast From the Past
Fear, Loathing and Indigestion in Sharon, Pa.
In 'Reality' the Nice Guy Finishes First
Plus-Size Hotels Equal Big Business
Air Guitarists Rock Out for Championship Title
Playtime Gets 'Sick'
Yoga Goes to the Dogs
Carnage in Prime Time
Pampering Pop on His Special Day
Birth by Design: Are Celebs Too Posh to Push?
Teen Mags Tackle Sex
Taming Summer Music Festivals
Homemade Hits Threaten the Music Biz
Stars Look to Dentist to Conceal Stinky Secret

May 2003

Fox News' Summer Reading Recommendations
Taming Summer Music Festivals
Ad Campaigns Resurrect Historical Figures
New Show to Explore Modern-Day Threats
Hope's 100 Years of Memories
Floating Lab Brings Navy Gadgets to the Public
Travelers Heed Security During Holiday Weekend
Network Tries to Light 'Fuse' Under MTV
Cakes 'Marry' Style and Taste
Modern Wedding Parties Bend Gender Roles
Hits of the '70s and '80s Resurrected on Big Screen
They're Not Just Playing in the Sand
Exploring America's Getaways
DNA Design: It's in the Genes
Heavy Metal Returns to Center Stage
Casino Bans Bibles From Rooms
X2 Mutants: Closer Than You Think?
Tech Treats for Mother's Day

April 2003

Essay Writers Look for Room at the Inn
Time to Ramp Up or Shake Down Your Workout
The Perfect Man Exists — on Video
War Baubles Create Cottage Industry
Wabi Sabi, the 'New' Feng Shui
Fans Fawn Over Fleischer
The Power of Peeps
Anti-War Celebrities May Face Backlash
Saddam's Palaces Are Tasteless and Tacky
The Fighting's Not Over for Gamers
Saddam Statues, Souvenirs Await Their Fate
War Is Hell ... for the Box Office
New Products Aim to Save Lives on the Battlefield
Military Families Get Wide-Ranging Assistance
'All Shook Up' Over Elvis
Kids Mixing It Up as Toys Go Hip-Hop
Video Stories Keep Military Families Together
Blind Workers Help Protect Troops
Foster Families Give Military Pets a Home

March 2003

Americans Show Troops They Care
Well-Wishers Write to Troops Overseas
'Flipper' Fights Saddam, Looks for Mines
Explaining War to Kids
Pro-Bush Celebs Miss Out on the Limelight
Oscars Get Family Friendly
Pro-Bush Celebs Miss Out on the Limelight
The Oscars' Big Dilemma
Oscars Scale Back Red Carpet
Dressing for Hollywood's Biggest Night
Walking, Talking and Lying
Troops Make the Most of Life Overseas
No Avoiding Crime-Rap Industry Links
When Previews Are the Main Attraction
Murder Victim's Family Sues VH1
Woman Takes on Anti-War Celebs
Celebrities Gum It Up

February 2003

Backlash Books Become Fashionable
Say Ahhhh! at the Dental Spa
The New King of Late Night?
Kids Mixing It Up as Toys Go Hip-Hop
'Unveiling' Reality Stars' Steamy Pasts
Americans Just Say 'Non' to French Products
Challenger Families Reach Out to Columbia Kin
Shopping for Survival
Feeling the Love on Valentine's Day
Popping the Question ... to Her Dad
Movie Props Go for a Pittance — or a Pretty Penny
Suit Could Reap Refunds on CDs for Consumers
Studios Resort to Outlandish Oscar Bids
Children's Book for 'Brats' Confronts War
Searching the Wild Kingdom for Cures
Losing Touch With the Great Outdoors
DVD for 8 Mile Will Have New Trash Talk
Hitting the Hard Stuff on the Small Screen

January 2003

Hitting the Hard Stuff on the Small Screen
Stars Look to Dentist to Conceal Stinky Secret
Can HBO Maintain the Sweet Smell of Success?
Historic House Designs Make a Comeback
Super Bowl Spots: Touchdowns or Fumbles?
Germs at Work Turn Offices Into Infirmaries
The 'Miseducation' of Today's Pop Stars
Gourmet Dining – at the Supermarket
Gas Passers Sitting Happy
Taking School Spirit to the Grave
The New Year Is in the Stars
Diet By Design: Using DNA to Personalize Health