Since 1995, 15 black males have died while being arrested by Cincinnati police or in police custody.

1. Harvey Price, 34, was shot Feb. 1, 1995, while lunging at officers with a knife after killing his girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter. Officers exonerated.

2. Darryl Price, 42, died April 4, 1996, after striking his head while resisting arrest. Officers actions upheld.

3. Lorenzo Collins, 25, shot Feb. 23, 1997, after threatening police officers with a brick. Office of Municipal Investigation determined the officers should not be disciplined.

4. Daniel Williams, 41, wounded a police officer, then was fatally shot Feb. 2, 1998. Officer exonerated.

5. Jermaine Lowe, 21, shot at police officers who returned fire, killing him June 3, 1998. Officers cleared.

6. Randy Black, 23, shot July 17, 1998, while threatening officer with a nail-studded board. Officer cleared.

7. Michael Carpenter, 30, shot March 19, 1999, following a traffic stop. After several investigations, Justice Department decides not to file federal charges.

8. James King, 44, shot Aug. 20, 1999, after robbing a bank and pointing a gun at officers. Officers exonerated.

9. Carey Tompkins, 28, shot Oct. 16, 1999, when an officer saw him pull a gun. Officers exonerated.

10. Alfred Pope, 23, shot March 14, 2000, after allegedly robbing and shooting at a group of men. Officers cleared.

11. Courtney Mathis, 12, shot Sept. 1, 2000, while illegally driving a relative's car. The officer who tried to stop Mathis was dragged 800 feet and died. Investigations continuing.

12. Roger Owensby Jr., 29, died of asphyxiation while resisting arrest Nov. 7, 2000; investigation continuing.

13. Jeffrey Irons, 30, shot Nov. 8, 2000, after robbing a grocery store and grabbing an officer's gun. Investigation continuing.

14. Adam Wheeler, 21, killed Jan. 31, 2001, in a shootout during a drug investigation. Investigations pending.

15. Timothy Thomas, 19, shot April 7, 2001, after fleeing officers who were trying to arrest him on 14 warrants, mostly traffic charges. Investigations pending.